Coca-Cola Launching Hot Ginger Ale Can

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Apparently Coca-Cola is launching a hot ginger ale can in Japan
Coca-Cola's New Hot Ginger Ale | New Products

Would you try a hot ginger ale?

We can always rely on the Japanese soda market to introduce surprising soda flavors, but hot soda? PSFK reports that Coca-Cola is launching a heated ginger ale in Japan, using a can that will heat up the drink when shaken and placed upright.

Of course, heated drinks are already popular in Japan, especially when the weather gets colder; hot coffee and tea drinks are already sold in vending machines, including Coca-Cola's Georgia coffee brand, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

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The first heated soda, however, is reportedly a carbonated drink with ginger extract, apple, and cinnamon flavors. No word on when these will hit the States, but while the idea of a hot soda sounds strange, we can only imagine the possibilities come winter. A hot whiskey-ginger or a hot toddy variation? Yep, sounds right up our alley. The Canada Dry Ginger Ale cans hit Japanese markets Oct. 21, for 120 yen (or about $1.20).