Coca-Cola Collection For Sale

If you prefer Coca-Cola to Pepsi, look no further than Ralph Butler’s collection

If you are a big fan of Coca-Cola, now is your chance to stock up on all kinds of Coca-Cola items. On July 12, a collection of Coca-Cola merchandise will be auctioned off in Paris, Illinois.

The items belonged to a long-time employee of Coca-Cola, Ralph Butler, also known as the “Coke Man.” In March, Butler passed away at the age of 97, and left behind a collection that dates back to 1946, when he began his Coca-Cola career as a truck driver.

According to Butler’s grandson, most of the items were collected from dumpsters. Ralph Butler would bring home unused material that was being thrown out and replaced. The collection includes metal signs, bottles, decals, serving trays, and other collectable Coke items.


The auction will start at 10 a.m. and will end once everything is sold. If you unable to stop by the auction itself, a detailed list of the merchandise can be found on the Moss Auction Team website.