Clover Food Lab: Fresh, Seasonal, and On-the-Go

Fresh, Seasonal, and On-the-Go

Sometimes it’s better to just let people speak for themselves. That’s the case with the Clover Food Lab's founder Ayr Muir: "We’re here to make food you love, the kind you talk about and look forward to eating. The Clover Food Lab is serving up a new type of fast food. This food is local, it’s just-cut, when we can it is organic. I always loved the food trucks at MIT when I was a student. September 2008 I thought: what better way to kick things off pre-restaurant than with a truck of our own. A bunch of things fell into place and here we are. Now we have restaurants and trucks around Boston and Cambridge. The menu will be changing with the seasons, and we’ll keep the latest posted on this site. You can expect french fries made from just-cut PEI potatoes, fresh juices like you’ve never had before, perfect sandwiches, and we’ll be ladling out just-made soups in the winter, salads in the summer."

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