Sweet And Tangy Citrus Recipes

Though lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges are typically the most common citrus varieties found in recipes, there is a seemingly endless amount of citrus available — from the aptly named Buddha's hand and stunning red blood oranges to baby kumquats that have a sweet rind and tart pulp. Then, of course, there are the easy-to-peel clementines and the blends, like the tangelo and the pomelo, each wonderful in its own right. 

Each citrus fruit offers its own unique characteristic, whether it's the color of its flesh or the sweetness of its juice, but there are a few basic things to know about these flavor-enhancing fruits. First and foremost, never try to juice a cold citrus fruit (you won't get nearly as much as if it were at room temperature). Try rolling the fruit on the counter with your palm to maximize the amount of juice. 

When zesting fruits, hold them directly over the cocktail or dish so that the essential oils that are released aren't wasted (the stuff that squirts out when you pierce the skin). Use these tangy fruits to add flavor and a boost of vitamins and minerals to dishes. The acid in most citrus fruits works wonderfully for salad dressings instead of vinegars, or squeezed on top of fish for a little brightness. Or, just eat them as a healthy snack. 

Check out some of the creative ways we've used citrus fruit this season below, and please share any photos or recipes that you love to make!


Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Cake with Blueberry Sauce

The fresh tang of Meyer lemons and the fruitiness of olive oil are a natural pairing, and what better to marry them than in a sweet, satisfying dessert!

 Carly Goldsmith




Greek Lemon Rice

This warm rice pilaf is tangy and earthy, thanks to the addition of lemon (juice and zet), shaved Greek olives, and fresh oregano... 

— Molly Aronica






Tilapia with Spicy Kumquat Salsa

Kumquats, the babies of the citrus family, have a sweet edible rind and a slightly tart pulp (everything is edible except for the seeds). ..

— Yasmin Fahr




Pop's Citrus Salad

My father is a main of infinite patience. Believe me, I know — I tried his... 

— Arthur Bovino





Meyer Lemon Sidecar

This spin on the classic Sidecare substitutes the juice of a favorite winter citrus fruit, Meyer lemons, for regular lemon juice...

— Maryse Chevriere





Striped Bass with Meyer Lemon Chimichurri 

Upon looking at this photo, you may be asking yourself: Why are there still Meyer lemon slices inside the fish?

— Will Budiaman





Rosemary Meyer Lemon Bars

Rosemary perfectly complements tart Meyer lemons in this simple recipe...

— Jessica Chou