The Cinnaburger: A Dish for the Ages

Cinnabon hamburger deemed great success by its creators

A forkful of the Cinna-goodness

After hearing two radio hosts fantasize about a hamburger that had Cinnabons for buns, Nick (known professionally by his first name only) of decided to make the dream a reality. And the results, he reports, were great.

He sliced a Cinnabon in half, grilled a half-pound patty of beef, and fried some bacon to go on top, just to give his blood pressure a full run for its money. Nick called his concoction "absolutely delicious."

Nick worried that, like most of the food that he photographs, the burger would become less and less appetizing as it sat around while he snapped photos of it. Au contraire — he found that the burger patty soaked up more and more of the frosting, making it even more enticing.

His only complaint was that it was impossible to eat his creation like a normal burger. If you try this at home, Nick recommends a knife and fork.