Cindy Pawlcyn Launches Wood Grill & Wine Bar This Week

The Napa Valley queen returns to standard American fare with CP’s

A year after Cindy Pawlcyn turned Go Fish into Brassica (citing her choice to steer away from a fish-centric menu for sustainable purposes), the space is now re-opening as a new concept once again.

Cindy Pawlcyn’s Wood Grill & Wine Bar, called CP’s for short, opens tomorrow, Sept. 5, and will serve elevated versions of comforting California classics such as homemade potato chips with blue cheese dip, short ribs braised in Napa Valley cabernet, and a West Coast crab roll.

In a statement this morning, Pawlcyn said, "Many friends have been asking me to bring the flavors of Mustards Grill to this location and it makes sense. It’s been an evolution and I’m having a blast putting a new twist on my signature dishes."

The restaurant will feature live jazz music on Thursdays and an impressive wine and cocktail program.