Chucky Doll Freaks Out Drive-Thru Employees

Once again, people, "Instagram this joint!"

Chucky Doll Prank

YouTube magician Magic of Rahat returns from his Invisible Driver prank with a cameo from Chucky, that creepy doll that killed plenty of folks in horror movies circa the late 1980s.

In his creepy doll driver prank (seriously, it's impossible that Chucky is driving, though), the YouTube user hides behind his invisible chair covering, puts Chucky on the the drivers seat, and freaks out fast-food drive-thru workers. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the workers are used to these tricks; Magic of Rahat better change up his route.

In any case, some notable reactions to the moving Chucky doll who just wants some fries: "That is so creepy!... It's breathing... That is so freakin' cute!" one girl says. Another woman freaks out, saying, "They gonna make my water break."

And of course, folks who are wise to the gimmick figure out they're on camera ("Am I going to be on YouTube? Oh snap.")

Our favorite, though, is definitely when the employees throw the bag into the car and hit Chucky on the head. Hopefully nobody will pay for that. Watch below for the requisite "Instagram that joint!"


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