Christina Tosi on Her Rising Star James Beard Award

We chatted with Momofuku Milk Bar's pastry chef about last night's win
James Beard Awards 2012

Christina Tosi, who won James Beard Foundation's Rising Star Chef Award

In another step toward Crack Pie taking over the world (not that we mind), Christina Tosi won Rising Star Chef of the Year at last night's 25th annual James Beard Foundation Awards. 

Naturally, the pastry chef for Momofuku Milk Bar was excited about the win and planning to celebrate at an after-party at the Jane Hotel, but told us that tomorrow, "We’ll probably go right back to work."

Of course Tosi called the award "a real honor," but figured that the award wasn't so much a big win for pastry. "I look at this more like we got one for Milk Bar," she said.

In terms of what's coming up, she said, "We try and stay pretty introverted in terms of shielding ourselves from fads or anything that is stylish or what have you because it helps create fun and creative process it keeps up fresh and honest," she said.

And what did David Chang say to her after winning? "We were sitting next to each other and I was like I’m not going to win," Tosi recalled ("We were slapping her knees," one friend interjected), "and when they called my name he was like, 'Oooh.' I was like, 'Stop.' I haven’t seen him again yet."

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