Choose Edible Candles for Your Next Party

A better use for that obnoxious log of processed cheese

Pecans are perfect candle centers

There’s a new way to get creative and shock your guests at your next dinner party—decorating the room with homemade edible candles. Okay, after you find out exactly how these candles are made, you may not be necessarily chowing down on them, but it’s an excellent way to get table conversation starting and a fun way to incorporate some creativity into your décor.

Simply take a processed cheese log, cut it in any shape you like (a great way to use the lonely un-used cookie cutters buried in your drawer!), drill a hole in the center with an apple corer, fill with nuts of choice (whatever you have in the house works, although pecans work the best), and light! You may be shocked, but the fire stays lit by the oil in the nuts for a shockingly long time. In case you are still skeptical here is a step-by-step video demonstration. Check out the Food Network Kitchens Experiment  for a visual guide.