Chocolatier Creates Louboutin Pump-Shaped Chocolates

Red sole and all

Fashionistas who can't afford real Christian Louboutins: Get Louboutin-styled chocolates and eat them this Valentine's Day.

Apparently, a chocolatier in Dallas has been making chocolate pumps styled after Christian Louboutin shoes, even using a red ganache to mimic Louboutin's lacquered red soles. Just in time for Valentine's Day (and New York Fashion Week).

The chocolate high heels cost anywhere between $30 to $55 and are fairly life-sized (although we don't suggest trying these on). Chocolatier Andrea Pedraza also fills the heel with even more chocolate, for an extra fee. While mostly men buy the chocolate pumps for their girlfriends and wives (or fetishes, or because they're pretty), we imagine Fashion Week fans will be itching to get their hands on these. The shoes might not have the same sky-scraping stiletto heels as real Louboutins, but at least they're not Sriracha heels. And they're edible. Now let's just hope Louboutin doesn't sue Pedraza over the red soles.


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