Chobani Rolling Out New Flavor and Ingredient Combinations

The Greek yogurt company is introducing 14 new items

Some of the new Chobani Flip flavors you will see on shelves this Summer.

Chobani, the leader in Greek yogurt sales, is coming out with 14 new delicious flavor combinations this July to accompany their already expansive array of flavors and sizes.

Greek yogurt sales now make up 43% of all U.S. yogurt sales according to NASDAQ, so Chobani felt that it was necessary to offer new items to stay on top and give consumers what they requested through feedback. For the new flavors, Sam Willems, Senior Content Manager, said in an email that Chobani is launching a campaign for the month of July that encourages fans to take to social media for visual clues using #WTFlavor to get people interested and excited about the items. The first consumers to correctly guess the flavor that day on Instagram and Twitter will get a free case of the new assortment.

"Our new products are designed to surprise and delight consumers,” John Heath, senior vice president of innovation at Chobani, told PR Newswire. In an email, Heath said that the new flavors come from ideas that have been requested for years by consumers, but also from inspiration in everyday life. They tap into big food trends to create new combinations and are able to test a lot of ideas at their retail store in Soho, New York.

In the Chobani Flips, Greek yogurt with mix-ins, there will be four new flavors that include the Tropical Escape, Nutty for Nana, Peachy Pistachio, and Blueberry Power, which has chia and hemp seeds and walnuts. In the smaller 100-calorie snack-size Chobani Bites, two flavors you can expect to find are honey with ginger and mint with chocolate chips. In Chobani’s 6 oz cups, flavors will include apricot and blackberry, and blended coconut, orange vanilla, and key lime flavors. In the Chobani Champions cups and tubes designed to appeal to children, dragonfruit is making an appearance in tube form, and the blueberry and strawberry flavors will now be available in cups.


Founder, CEO, and president of Chobani, Hamdi Ulukaya, still continues to make Greek yogurt on the premise that it should be simple and delicious, but believes that it can still be revolutionary. He told PR Newswire, “For us, it's all about giving everyone access to real food, regardless of how you like to eat your yogurt.”