Chipotle Updates Its App for First Time Since 2009

The app lets you order and pay via smartphone

Chipotle App

Fast-food chain Chipotle is known for its speedy and efficient service, and in 2009 they took it one step further with the release of their "Chipotle Ordering" app, which allows customers to log in, find the nearest location, customize their order, and pay, all through their iPhone or Android. It didn’t get much love from the company after its initial release, though, and grew outdated as new menu options, like brown rice, were added and new iPhone versions were released.

All that has changed, though, as this simple app has finally been updated, with a brown rice option, a sharper resolution, sleeker design, and the option of paying by gift card. We took it for a test drive, and can tell you this: If you’re a regular Chipotle customer, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t download this before the next time you venture over to brave the lunchtime rush.

When the app first opens, you’re guided toward finding your nearest location, which it then remembers for future use. You can order food directly from a toolbar on the bottom, which also allows you to find additional locations, learn about the menu items’ nutritional and allergen information, read up on the company and its commitment to quality ingredients, and access your account. One cool thing in that "Account" tab is a "Gift Cards" button, which takes you to the Chipotle mobile store and allows you to purchase gift certificates.

But back to the "Order" tab. You’re given the option of selecting a burrito, burrito bowl, tacos, or salad (no Quesarito, unfortunately), as well as sides and drinks. From there it’s the same experience that you’d have in person, minus the person: choice of meat (with the option of two, and extra), rice, beans, toppings, and sauces. From there you can select sides (guacamole and chips and salsa) and drinks (no booze, unfortunately). After you’re finished you can "name your meal," add any special instructions (extra cheese!), add it to your "bag," and either check out or keep on adding items.

You need to create a simple account (name, email, phone number, security question) in order to check out, and are given the option of paying by credit card, gift card, or in-store. The credit card information is stored on Chipotle’s servers, not on your phone, and once your order is placed you can pick it up right from the cashier.

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Now that’s what we call a functional app.