Restaurant Offers Free Meals to Overweight Customers

A restaurant promotion says overweight guys, thin women eat free

This restaurant decided it was a good idea to weigh its customers and give overweight men and very thin women free meals.

A restaurant promotion gone awry has created outrage and bewilderment this week, because the restaurant owners decided to run a special where they weigh their customers and price their meals according to the number on the scale.

According to Shanghaiist, a restaurant in Chongqing, China, decided to calculate its prices by weighing its customers, and they decided that the bigger a male customers is, the bigger his discount should be. Male customers who come to the restaurant pay less the more they weigh, and any man weighing more than 308 pounds eats free.


Female customers get the opposite deal, because someone at the restaurant thought that basing its prices on customer weight was an even better idea if the women’s discount worked the opposite way from the men’s discount. Instead of larger women eating free, the restaurant’s female diners get bigger discounts the less they weigh, and any woman who comes in weighing less than 76 pounds gets her meal on the house.