Hotpot Restaurant Offers Mini-Skirt Discount

The restaurant is actually measuring customers’ dresses for discounts
Wikimedia/Prince Roy

A Shandong hotpot restaurant is reportedly offering discounts based on how short its customers' skirts are. 

In an attempt to drum up publicity and fill its dining room with attractive women, a hotpot restaurant in Shandong, China, is reportedly offering special discounts for female customers who arrive wearing mini skirts, and the discounts get bigger as the skirts get smaller.

According to Shanghaiist, female customers at the hotpot restaurant who are willing to wear a super-short skirt and let the restaurant’s staff hold tape measures in front of their legs are entitled to significant discounts on their meals, provided they can find skirts that are short enough.

The restaurant is reportedly offering up to a 90-percent discount, but the discounts are based on just how short the skirts are, so to get the maximum discount a woman must either have a very, very short skirt or extremely long legs. To get the maximum discount of 90 percent off, a woman must wear a skirt that is 33 centimeters, or 13 inches, above the knee. A hem that falls three inches above the knee nets its wearer only a 20-percent discount.


As of yet, the restaurant has not encountered any male customers who showed up in mini skirts demanding discounts of their own.