Chick-fil-A 'Voluntarily Recalls' Jim Henson Puppet Toys

And the move supposedly has nothing to do with the Henson Company cutting ties with the chain

Sure, the Muppets' Jim Henson Company may have cut ties with Chick-fil-A due to their anti-gay stance, but that must have nothing to do with the recall of Chick-fil-A Henson puppet toys. Nothing at all.

Apparently, a Texas Chick-fil-A is hoping to spin the story that way; Reddit users posted a photo of a sign saying, "We apologize for any inconvenience but as of 7/19/2012 Chick-fil-A has voluntarily recalled all of the Jim Henson Creature Shop Puppet Kids Meal toys due to a possible safety issue."

The "safety issue" in question reportedly involves children getting fingers stuck in the puppets, and not Henson pulling their partnership.

"Please be advised that there have not been any cases in which a child has actually been injured, however there have been some reports of children getting their fingers stuck in the holes of the puppets," the sign goes on to say, offering an Icedream cone in lieu of the puppet toys.

And as The Consumerist dug deeper, Chick-fil-A reps say, "This is not a recall — it is a voluntary withdrawal." Right.

In related news, the scandal has become immortalized in this Taiwanese animated cartoon.