Chick-fil-A debuts holiday season promos


Chick-fil-A has kicked off the holiday season with its annual Cow Calendar and Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake promotions.

The Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake returns to the menu for the third year in a row and will be available in 14- and 20-ounce sizes, and sell for $2.55 to $3.19 and $2.95 to $3.69, respectively. The seasonal flavor will be handmade and topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

The 2012 Cow Calendar features Chick-fil-A’s long-running brand mascots, the “Eat Mor Chikin” cows. The theme for this year’s 15th annual edition is “Trail Grazers: Blazing New Paths That All Lead to Chicken.” Among the 12 famed explorers of earth and outer space featured are “Amealia Airhoof,” the “first heifer in flight,” and “Corralin’ Shepard,” whose exploration of space helped “make one giant leap for cow-kind aboard Apoultry 14.”

Chick-fil-A will offer the calendars for $6 at any of its 1,600-plus restaurants and on its website.

Both the calendar and milkshake are available for sale through early January.

Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A said this year befor its annual Cow Appreciation Day promotion that the “Eat Mor Chikin” cows have helped grow systemwide sales more than six-fold since their introduction in 1995. When the campaign made its debut that year, the chain reported just over $500 million in sales. In 2010, Chick-fil-A had sales of more than $3 billion.

The “spokescows” also have won the recognition of the American advertising industry, winning a Silver EFFIE Award in 2009, and getting inducted into the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame in 2007 and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s OBIE Hall of Fame in 2006.

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