Chef's Choice: 15 Best Burgers

We had chefs choose the best burgers around the country

Chefs choose their best burgers.

Who says food always has to be high-class? Oftentimes, we just find ourselves craving a good old-fashioned burgers. And since we’ve already seen how picky chefs can get when it comes to choosing the best places for pizza, we figured we’d try our luck with another contentious subject: the best burgers around.

From the juiciest, 12-napkin messes to the chef-crafted combinations, we’ve got the shortlist for the top 15 burgers in America — from Memphis to New York, Massachusetts to LA. Some places made the list twice (like Minetta Tavern, or New York staple The Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien, hidden behind a red curtain), while others make us want to drive down to Memphis. Click through the slideshow to see where your favorite chefs like to nosh on some burgers.

Sasha Levine, Lifestyle Mirror


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