Chef Tom Colicchio's Grilling Tips and Essentials

The 'Top Chef' judge offers some of his go-to advice for easy summer grilling


Chefs don't become cooking and grilling experts overnight; it takes years, if not decades, of hard work and practice to become as good as they are. So when it comes to enjoying every moment of the summer grilling season, it's a good idea to take the advice of someone who knows what they're talking about. In this case, chef Tom Colicchio.

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Mostly of Top Chef fame, Colicchio also owns a collection of well-known and popular restaurants, as well as the casual sandwich-and-salad spot ‘wichcraft. As busy as he is, he also likes to enjoy food-centric gatherings with family and friends when possible. During the summer months, as he says, "It’s a goal of mine to avoid turning on my oven between Memorial Day and Labor Day." For him, that means taking advantage of the season’s best vegetables, preparing them simply, and "of course, logging lots of hours by the grill. There are worse fates."

Here, he shares in his own words some of his favorite grilling products that he uses at home, essential tools for the job (like his preferred type of wood and portable gas grill), as well cuts of meat that he finds best for cooking outdoors on a hot grill.

For more grilling tips from chefs, check out the video below.