Chef David Burke’s St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Celebrating the holiday is all about eating — and drinking — for the chef

St. Patrick’s Day is a day of drinking for many, but I’m all about the food. Pickled eggs, Reuben raviolis with mustard, and soda bread are always on my list for an Irish-themed menu. To combine both of the festivities, I created these recipes using one of my favorite beers, Samuel Adams, in some classic Irish dishes. Just as you would imagine, Irish food tastes pretty good with beer. 

Samuel Adams Alpine Spring Lobster Benedict with Hopped 'Beer-naise'

St. Patrick's Day is a holiday of drinking for many, but this recipe let's you eat and drink in the name of Ireland, albeit with an American beer (but a good one at the very least). 

Samuel Adams Irish Red Shepherd's Pie with Shamrock Potatoes

Shepherd's pie is a classic traditional dish to serve on St. Patrick's Day, and this recipe adds some beer to the mix to let you get your drinking and eating in at the same time.

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