Chef David Burke’s Favorite Spring Recipes

We’re all excited for spring, and the chef celebrates with outstanding spring recipes

Chef David Burke creates a fresh, springtime dish with pan-seared salmon and asparagus butter.

Everyone looks forward to spring, especially because all of the wonderful ingredients that come into season. Along with peas, chanterelle mushrooms, and spring garlic, one of my all-time favorite spring ingredients is asparagus. Here are some of my favorite asparagus recipes. I think they’ll easily become some of your favorites, too. 

Scrambled Eggs with Shallots, Roasted Asparagus, and Crème Fraîche

The soft flavors of roasted asparagus and sauteed shallots are complemented by salty bites of pancetta in this scrambled eggs recipe, and after trying the eggs with a sprinkle of Parmesan and crème fraîche, you'll never want to make them another way again.

Asparagus Soup

Were your eyes too big for your stomach this past weekend at the farmers' market? This asparagus soup recipe is the perfect way to make use of a surplus of asparagus. Eat it fresh or keep it frozen to enjoy well past asparagus season.

Pan-seared salmon with Asparagus Butter

Most people just throw away the blunt ends of their asparagus after they've trimmed them, but this asparagus butter is a great way to make sure none of the spring vegetable goes to waste. Sautéed in butter and lemon juice, the salmon's citrus flavors complement the roasted asparagus and asparagus butter.


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