Chef Cracks Open 19 Double-Yolk Eggs in a Row

Part-time Scottish chef beats odds of over one in a trillion, should buy lotto ticket

The odds of cracking open a double-yolked egg is nearly 1,000 to one. Last week, chef Ross Cruickshanks did it 19 times in a row.

Cruickshanks, a part time chef at Café Riva in Scotland, was shocked when he’d cracked open six double-yolkers in a row during the breakfast time rush. That was before he did it thirteen more times consecutively.

The café reports that over the last several days, it has found two yolks in a total of 39 of its eggs. Egg yolks have been shown to boast numerous nutrients, from choline to vitamins B and D, so the lucky customers at the Scottish establishment can look forward to reaping double the health benefits from just one sunny side up egg.

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Where are they getting these odd-bending eggs? Apparently from Mr. Nardini of C&G Eggs in Greenock, who uses a van emblazoned with the slogan “Need a Yolk? I’m Your Bloke” on its side.

The real question, what’s he feeding those magical hens?