Chef Bios: Chris Weber

This young chef creates 9-course dinners, but loves french fries and beer

Chef Chris Weber

On their website, the owners of the Herbfarm state that Chef Chris Weber is North America’s youngest head chef at any AAA 5-diamond restaurant. Despite the fact that this restaurant is known for its 9-course dinners and impeccably chosen seasonal ingredients, Weber’s guilty pleasure includes french fries and beer.

Weber was born in Holley, N.Y., a small community of farms near Rochester and attended Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute in Providence, R.I. Following school, he worked in Oregon for two years before he joined the Herbfarm team where he showed up in 2008, willing to work for free.

Within a few days of his arrival, Weber became a line cook. His talent was soon recognized and he is now head chef at the Herbfarm.

Culinary Style: Pacific Northwest
Restaurants: The Herbfarm
Born: 1986

Weber and the Herbfarm were born in the same month, May 1986.