Chef Allie Redshaw Loses Hand in Kitchen Accident

Virginia chef Allie Redshaw caught her hand in a meat grinder

Virginia chef Allie Redshaw caught her hand in a meat grinder and had to have it amputated at the wrist. 

Charlottesville chef Allie Redshaw was caught in a sudden kitchen accident last week while going about her regular work, and despite doctors’ best efforts, she had to have her right hand amputated.

According to CBS News, the 27-year-old Redshaw was working in the kitchen at Lampo Neapolitan Pizzeria in Charlottesville on Wednesday, March 1, and she was grinding meat for one of the dishes. Like all the chefs at Lampo, Redshaw used the meat grinder regularly and knew the machine very well, but this time a piece of her clothing apparently got caught in the grinder and pulled her hand in. The cooks she was working with immediately turned it off and called 911, and Redshaw was rushed to the hospital. A hand specialist from UVA Hand Center was there to treat her, but said the damage was too severe and Redshaw’s hand would have to be amputated at the wrist.


Redshaw’s husband, Ian Redshaw, is also a chef at Lampo, and he credited the quick-thinking and cool heads of the cooks on the prep crew with Redshaw for saving her before the accident could get even worse. He also said the Charlottesville restaurant community has been extremely supportive. A GoFundMe created to help pay for Redshaw’s medical and recovery expenses has already earned more than $100,000 in just three days.