Chef Allegedly Spiked Chocolate with Ecstasy

A British chef allegedly catered a raging party the night before, then accidentally served the chocolate to 2 toddlers

This is one mistake that a restaurant should never make: a chef in Britain (who, reportedly once served the queen tea), is being charged with lacing chocolate with ecstasy and serving it to kids. Oops.

The Daily Mail reports, "Neil Iron, 32, allegedly spiked the desserts with drugs to 'liven up' a birthday party at the Red Lion pub in Hoxton Square, north London."

The next day, however, a family went to have a meal at the pub, got some chocolate mousse for the kids, and they had severe reactions to the drugs.

Iron, naturally, denies the charges of "administering poison or a noxious substance with intent," saying the dessert must have been laced without his knowledge at the party the night before. But really, after a raging birthday party, any and all leftovers (including all the bad life choices) should just be thrown in the trash.

Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.