Cheese Could Potentially Lower Diabetes Risk

Thanks, science!

You know when you're feeling a bit bummed so you break out some burrata and wine? Well, now you don't even need to be sad to pull out a cheese platter. A new study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that cheese could help reduce diabetes risk.

A study examining the relationship between dairy and diabetes found that while there was no correlation between dairy intake and diabetes, cheese intake tended to have an inverse relationship. This means the more cheese the subjects ate, the less risk of diabetes they had.

Researchers suggest that the fermentation process helps protect the body against diabetes and heart problems, meaning yogurt would also help. But they also suggest waiting a bit before stuffing your face with Gruyère, as the research needs to be replicated.

"This study gives us no reason to believe that people should change their dairy intake in an attempt to avoid [diabetes]," Iain Frame, of Diabetes UK, told The Telegraph. Well, we'll just go have some burrata to feel better then.