Check Out 1494, the Most Exclusive Whiskey Club in the World

The New York City, members-only club has Lamborghinis, a $1 million townhouse, plus the best whiskeys on tap

Want to sip on a 50-year old Macallan whiskey in the company of other (presumably loaded) whiskey connossieurs? Then you have to check out the most exclusive whiskey club, launched this summer in New York City: 1494. 

The members-only club just inked a deal to open in a five-story, Midtown West townhouse, reports Commercial Observer. And yes, the place will be tricked out with sub-basement vaults to hold its $5 million worth of whiskey. We imagine that's a lot of bottles of Macallan, Ernest Shackleton, and Black Bowmore whiskey. Said the founder of 1494, David Clelland, to Commercial Observer, "We get a lot of privately collected whiskeys that come across our desks, and we also deal directly with the distilleries in Scotland as well, so we really have our finger on the pulse of going out there and finding the harder-to-find whiskeys for our members." 

And the other perks of the 1494 club? For starters, there are Manhattan Motors (who represents Porsche, Lamborghini, and Bentley, no biggie) events and promotions, Nat Sherman cigars, private car service with Range Rovers, and even a golf and distillery vacation to Scotland, says a press release. 

But let's not forget about the whiskey. The rarest bottles the 1494 club has reserved, the Black Bowmare, has been aged for 43 years; and the Macallan 50-year-old bottle is a unique find. We can only imagine what socialites will be hanging out in 1494 when the townhouse opens.