Check Out Ferran Adrià's Special Pepsi Can

The spokesman for PepsiCo gets the special can treatment

Oh hey, Ferran Adrià.

Pepsi isn't just making headlines for its "fat-blocking" soda in Japan. Now, the celebrity chef behind (the now-closed) elBulli, Ferran Adrià, graces a limited-edition can of Pepsi in Spain. 

Adrià's face isn't the only one to show up on these cans; the design is part of Pepsi's celebration of "Being Creative, Congress of Brilliant Minds." Also honored with a designed Pepsi can: Kukuxumusu artist Mikel Urmeneta, scientist and explorer Angela Posada-Swafford, evolutionary psychologist Nancy Segal, paleontologist Jack Horner, and robotics pioneer Dennis Hong in this "congress" — quite a group to be paired with.


Eater translates that the group was in Madrid to give "presentations about issues affecting society today," including a raffle for the customized cans. Adrià was made a PepsiCo spokesperson back in 2011. Congrats to Adrià — not everyone gets their face splayed on a soda can.