Check Out This Eerily Lifelike Grant Achatz Doll

Alinea co-owner Nick Kokonas tweeted a photo of the renowned chef with his very own action figure

Grant Achatz with Doll

Honestly, we’re not sure if we’d like an action figure to be made from our likenesses, but maybe we’d change our minds if we were a world-renowned chef. Judging by the look on chef Grant Achatz’s face in a couple of photos that were tweeted today by his Alinea partner Nick Kokonas, there’s no greater compliment.

In the photos, Achatz, the chef behind legendary Chicago restaurant Alinea and its brethren, Next and cocktail bar The Aviary, is seen posing with a custom-made G.I. Joe-size action figure of himself, complete with chef’s coat and facial hair. The whole thing is eerily lifelike, save for the giant shock of red hair.

Even though Kokonas added an "Order now" tag onto his tweet, it unfortunately doesn’t appear as if the doll is available to the mass market just yet. If it was, we’d be ordering two.

It also appears as if Mini-Grant doesn’t exactly have the culinary prowess of his real-life counterpart. "Is it edible? Can you deconstruct it & put it on a plate? Will it fit on the duck/squab press? Was it done sous vide?" @SBlitzstein tweeted to Kokonas.

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