Check Out Bon Rappetite, a Rap-Tastic Restaurant

It's fake, but some enterprising restaurateur should get on it now

We wonder what Adam Rapoport thinks of this — a new restaurant web site has popped up, advertising Bon Rappetite, "the world's first hip hop restaurant."

Claiming to be the "home of the ballin' gourmet," the menu features "Lil Kimchi" and "Snoop Doggy Corndogs — 4 fresh fried corndoggs that ain't leavin til six in the mornin. So what you wanna do?"

Creative Loafing Atlanta points out that the restaurant is probably a joke, since the site is owned by social media agency Baby Robot Industries. But really, somebody should get on this (and make the Lil Kimchi cheaper — $10 for a serving?)

Head over to the hilarious site for more menu puns, including a shoutout to the old school: Salt N Pepa Crusted Tilapia.

UPDATE: Grub Street has an email from Baby Robot Industries confirming that the restaurant is indeed fake. Sad.

"A fun joke that has gone out of control!... A few of us from Baby Robot built the site on a lark after leaving a (beer soaked) meeting with a bar napkin full of rap puns," a representative wrote to them. "It sat dormant for almost a year, then all of the sudden it is all over the place. Who knows, maybe Ludacris will come along and invest some of these... "

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