Check Out This $100 Burger in Atlantic City

Bally’s newest burger boasts 40 ounces of Kobe beef

The Carving Board Burger comes with Kobe beef, prime rib, and braised short ribs.

If you happen to find yourself in Atlantic City, N.J. with $100 burning a hole in your pocket, forego the blackjack table and drop into the bar at Preview inside Bally’s Casino to check out what has to be one of the most insane burgers being served in the country right now: The Carving Board Burger.

In honor of Burger Month, the folks there decided to create a burger that Guy Fieri might refer to as "off the hook." For starters, it costs a hundred bucks. So what do you get for all that money? First there’s the burger patty itself: 40 ounces of Kobe beef. Things only get crazier from there: It’s topped with slices of garlic-roasted prime rib, port wine-braised short ribs, pickled tomatoes, Gorgonzola dolce fonduta, and balsamic vinegar syrup, and it’s all served on focaccia that’s been toasted and smeared with herbed lardo. Fries come on the side. Is that rich enough for you?


The burger is obviously intended to be shared between at least two people, but we’re sure that there’s someone out there who can devour the whole thing himself. But if a $100 meat-on-meat-on-meat burger isn’t your style, there’s also a $10 standard cheeseburger.