Cheap New York Lobster — Not Really

Excited about the price of lobster dropping? It may be too early to cheer

The warm weather has one good benefit — more lobster, but it is too early to be dreaming of munching on lobster rolls while lounging at the beach. The boom in the East Coast lobster population was brought on by the warm winter followed by the hot summer, causing the prices to drop. However, there is little hope for these prices to trickle down to New York City.

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The soft-shell lobsters that are currently plentiful in Maine do not live long out of water, making them incredibly difficult to transport, meaning that if you are not in Maine or the surrounding areas, the lobster market is going to be about the same.

Another reason you will not see much of a price drop is because the lobster tail (the most expensive part of the lobster) has decreased in value, making the other part of the lobster actually increase in price. But do not be discouraged — TDM has found five New York City spots that have great lobster rolls this season.