Charlie Trotter Getting a Street Named After Him

'Charlie Trotter's Way' will be unveiled Thursday
At the Chef's Table: Charlie Trotter Part 1

Charlie Trotter is most often credited with bringing the prix fixe tasting menu to America, and in return, he's getting a street named after him. Not bad for the chef-turned-scholar.

In honor of the closing of his famous restaurant, Chicago alderman Michelle Smith has decided to give Charlie Trotter an honorary street sign.

The corner closest to Charlie Trotter's, at the intersection of Dayton and Armitage streets in Chicago, will be getting an honorary sign for "Charlie Trotter's Way." Fitting, perhaps, for the notoriously demanding chef (although rumor is he's definitely more laid-back now).

Charlie Trotter's street sign will debut this Thursday, Aug. 30, at noon, just before the extravaganza of Charlie Trotter's last night on Aug. 31, where Bill Kim, Mindy Segal, Graham Elliot, and even Food Network's Anne Burrell will be cooking up dinner. We're hoping fireworks will make an appearance (and maybe Grant Achatz for a twist? One can hope).