Charlie Sheen Threatens Sushi-Serving Strip Club

New York's Cheetahs Club named their VIP room after Sheen, so he threatened them with a lawsuit

Charlie Sheen, Who Threatened to Sue Over Sushi and Strippers

If the words "Charlie Sheen" and "sushi" were ever to go together, we imagine another word to pop up might be "stripper."

The New York Post reports that the actor has threatened a lawsuit against New York's Cheetahs Club, claiming they damaged his reputation after they named a VIP room the "Charlie Sheen Room." In this tiger blood-fueled room, guests could reportedly eat sushi off nearly-naked women for $250 a head, while photographs of Sheen lined the walls.

"We figured it would be comical to name a room after him. It was a room where you could dine on sushi served on cellophane on the body of one of our entertainers, not where you do crack," Sam Zherka, president of Cheetahs' parent company, told the Post.

Sheen's lawyer sent a cease-and-desist letter when the Sheen team found out; Cheetahs Club has since removed his images and his name, saying "he wasn’t doing big business for us anyway." The bigger question is, however, "How could sushi damage Charlie Sheen’s reputation?"