Celebrity Go-To Party Recipes

What are the stars serving up at their parties?

Julianne Moore, actress and maker of tofu soup.

You see your favorite celebrities out on the town all the time — in the news, in the magazines, and in the papers. They’re partying, they’re dining, but what are they cooking?

See what your favorite celebrities are cooking!

Even though celebrities are usually in front of the cameras, famous faces like Hugh Jackman, Meryl Streep, and funny gal Melissa McCarthy like getting in the kitchen and serving up their favorite recipes.Not only do they know how to party A-list style, they know how to host as well.


Whether it’s during the holidays, at a summer BBQ, or just at home with a few friends and family members, just like us, these stars have go-to dishes that are as golden as their coveted Oscars, Emmy’s, and other awards.