Catholics Protest 'Demon' Energy Drink for 'Destruction of Human Souls'

Polish Catholics claim the drinks are 'dripping with Satanism,' call for a ban

Many are protesting a new energy drink, Demon Energy Drinks.

Energy drinks are certainly making headlines this month — and certainly not the best of headlines — but we've never heard that they're demonic. However, that's what one group of Polish Catholics is charging against drink company Agros Nova, makers of the Demon energy drinks in New Zealand. 

The Telegraph reports that the release of the drink in Polish markets has most outraged. Death-metal frontman Adam Darski of the Polish band Behemoth is fronting the drink campaign, tagged under the slogan "No limits. No laws." Of course, that's making people upset. The editor of a religious magazine, Franciszek Kucharczak, is calling for readers to boycott all Agros Nova products. Another website, called Satanism Shall Not Pass, criticizes the Demon drinks for "promoting evil, atrocities, and the destruction of human souls." Those are some fighting words. 

The website for Demon doesn't look as bad as it's hyped to be; it seems more like every other hypermasculine energy drink. "Basically, we were sick of the mambe pambe girlie energy drinks that leave you feeling ripped off, so Demon Energy was created to give you a massive hit of energy in a man’s size 500ml can," reads the website. 

To combat the negative criticism, Darski said he will donate some of the proceeds from the Demon drink campaign to a children's leukemia charity. We guess that makes up for all this bad publicity.