Can You Be Addicted to Water?

Women who drink more than 44 glasses of H2O per day prove a serious addiction

It's not alcoholism, but an addiction to water is still a serious affliction. New stories of women drinking more than 40 glasses of water per day — more than some probably drink in one week — shows just how dangerous this excessive H2O can be. 

This obsession with water has grown into a trend among women, the Daily Mail reports. One possible reason for this trend may be the supermodels, like Elle MacPherson, who constantly chug water. Said housewife Natasha Collins-Daniel to the Daily Mail, "I suppose subconsciously I may have been influenced by all those articles you read in magazines about how models and actresses claim the secret of their looks and good health is drinking lots of water." 

While it may not be recognized as a true addiction, experts agree that excessive drinking of water is a compulsive behavior, often with serious effects on health. Drinking too much water can be damaging to the heart; and constantly using the restroom can flush out needed vitamins like vitamin B and C. Plus, excessive thirst could be a sign of diabetes. Still, for many of these women, they can't help but drink liters upon liters of water per day. Is H2O addiction the newest wave of OCD behavior — or something much more dangerous?