Can I Host a Spring Party Inside?

Here’s how you can make your party feel like spring when it’s still too cold to celebrate outdoors
Can I Host a Spring Party Inside?



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Question:"I am eager to host a dinner party with a spring feel to it, but the weather prohibits us from hosting an outdoor party. How can I incorporate the look and feel of a spring party indoors despite the cooler temperatures outside?"

Coryanne: Spring entertaining is always tricky when you rely upon the weather to accommodate your outdoor party plans, but hosting an indoor spring party does not mean you need to limit the freshness that comes with hosting a spring party. 

Incorporating spring color trends that include tangerine, aqua, fuchsia, and cobalt blue will give your tabletop a spring feel with little effort. Accenting classic white dishes with colorful chargers, glassware, or table linens is a low-cost way of giving the table a colorful spring feel, and adding fresh seasonal blooms to the mix will bring the outdoors in despite the cooler temperatures outside. Continue the spring theme into your party menu by adding edible flowers to your salads and cocktails — a novelty that will certainly add charm and style to your spring party and get guests excited about the warmer weather ahead.  

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