Can Garlic Help You Lose Weight?

Research shows that garlic aids in weight loss, among other things

In the summer of 1975 in Berkley, California, Alice Waters began her infamous Garlic Festival, a festival celebrating the flavors of natural garlic and the history of Chez Panisse, has continued for almost forty years since. While people still love garlic, it’s known for its famous festivals and delicious taste these days—recent studies have revealed that garlic’s health benefits are astounding.

Along with all of its homeopathic qualities, garlic can also aid in weight loss. Yes that’s right, garlic can aid in weight loss and help lower risks of high blood pressure at the same time. Garlic is said to release adrenaline, which increases the metabolism rate andhelps you burn calories and lose weight.

Garlic is also said to have over 200 chemical compounds including allicin, which has bacteria-fighting properties that help reduce fats and cholesterol. Seeing as garlic’s elements are surprisingly familiar with other healthy minerals like vitamins A, B, and C, it’s no surprise that it’s known for prevention of heart disease, stomach and colon cancer, and even high blood pressure.


With all of these benefits, it gives us an excuse to start using more garlic in our kitchens.