Can Breakfast-Flavored Gelato Cure Hangovers?

A London restaurant has a line of hangover-curing breakfast gelato

Something about the phrase "ice cream for breakfast" makes eating ice cream for breakfast sound like the best idea anybody has ever had. And it might be especially good for anybody greeting the weekend with a hangover, because gelato is said to have that magic power.

According to The Daily Mail, Comboco in London's Soho neighborhood has rolled out a line of breakfast-flavored gelato, including a Bloody Mary gelato with a celery garnish that's said to be able to help cure a hangover.

Ice cream in general might be an excellent hangover cure, because apparently eating something cold causes blood to go up to the brain in an attempt to keep it warm. (We cannot, however, imagine much worse than the sensation of having an ice cream headache and a bad hangover at the same time.)

The increased circulation brought about by the ice cream can theoretically help the brain recover from the previous night of drinking.

The Bloody Mary gelato is an icy tomato sorbet with Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce.  

For those who have more traditionally rich hangover cures like scrambled eggs and bacon in mind, Combocco actually has that covered as part of its new line of breakfast-flavored gelato that includes scrambled eggs gelato, buttered toast gelato, cereal milk gelato, and pancakes and maple syrup gelato. Of course there's also coffee and a heavily caffeinated "double espresso" gelato.


Since we're now fantasizing about replacing all meals with ice cream, lunch seems like a good time to go back to try the avocado, pear, and gorgonzola or truffle oil and mushroom gelato.