Can Bad Reviews Get You Fined? And More News

In today's Media Mix, what actually makes a pumpkin flavor, plus Ace Hotel founder passes away

Could you get fined for writing a bad review?

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Woman Fined $3,500 for Bad Review: Well, we might just think twice before posting a scathing restaurant review on Yelp. A woman is facing a $3,500 fine after filing a negative review for, due to a clause in the terms of sales that "prohibits you from taking any action that negatively impacts" [Jezebel]

FDA Says to Avoid Fried Potatoes: Another chemical to avoid: acrylamide, which has been linked to cancer in animal studies. The chemical is found in potatoes, cereals, coffee, crakcers, breads, and dried fruits. [Forbes]

McApp in Australia: McDonald's has launched an app that allows you to order from your smartphone or tablet in Australia, making fast food even easier to come by. [IT Wire]

What Makes Pumpkin Flavor? After we discovered that pumpkin spice lattes don't actually have pumpkin in them, here's a video showing what additives actually create a pumpkin flavor. [NY Times]


Ace Hotel Founder Passes Away: Alex Calderwood, the man who made Ace Hotels the hip hotel destinations everywhere, has passed away. He was 47. [Seattle Times]