Camping Cooking 101

Recipes and basic advice on how to cook delicious food while camping

It is possible to enjoy nature and the fantastic summer weather all while eating delicious food.

Looking to camp while also eating in style? Yes, some call it "glamping," which always reminds me of the camping scene from Troop Beverly Hills. Though your experience will most likely not be like that, it is possible to enjoy nature and the fantastic summer weather all while eating delicious food. How you ask? To find out the essentials to bring and what foods work best, we asked Annie Bell, author of the Camping Cookbook (a handy and portable book full of recipes), for some advice, tips, and recipes to ensure the best camping experience possible.

Check out her answers below and have a great time!


What are some basic supplies (both food and tools) that you should bring?

I recommend that you make two advance preparations: one a marinade consisting of lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and salt that can be used to grill almost any meat or fish. Also, a blend of mustard and honey is a great glaze for meat on the grill or it can be combined with the marinade to make a salad dressing.
In addition, you could take a few spice blends from this UK company that also ships abroad, plus olive oil, salt, pepper, sugar, and dark rum for puds! [Editor’s Note: puds is pudding]

Essential tools are a small portable grill like the Weber Smokey Joe, and a one-ring burner. I like the Trangia very much; it’s a storm-proof oven. Cold bags, Jerrycan, thermos, Lock & Lock containers, stackable bowls, chopping board, knives (serrated and pocket). These are the main things to bring and smaller items such as a wooden spoon, can opener, corkscrew, ladle, tongs, pots, and pans.

Are there one or two pieces of equipment that are a must?
The grill and one-ring burner should take care of lovely barbecues as well as one-pot dishes.

What are the things that you can do without when cooking?
I try and avoid lots of preliminary frying for instance, so tagines can be easily assembled in one pot and cooked without hovering over the stove or fire. By cooking in one pot you are also cutting down on any washing up.

How do you recommend storing and transporting your supplies?
Lock & Lock's containers are brilliant — water and airtight. Lakeland’s cool bags are fantastic and are lined with flectalon which is one of those materials developed for NASA to keep things either cold or hot in space.

Check out some of Annie’s simple, no-fuss recipes below and feel free to share any of your favorite camping  go-tos.


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