Cake: The Ultimate Sweet Treat

We’re talking drool-worthy, decadent slices that are totally worth the calories

Since we’re full swing into the holiday season, it’s not surprising that Nov. 26 is National Cake Day — in the middle of all of the planning and the parties, why not celebrate the grand finale of every bash: cake and desserts? 

While we all have our favorites — Sachertorte for us! — we must acknowledge some of the greats, since what is a soirée without a little slice of heaven? 

Before we get down to the delicious details, here's a little cake history:

• "Modern" cake (sweet cake with icing) has been around since the Renaissance era

• The word cake comes from the Old Norse word "kaka" 

• The world’s tallest cake was 108 feet tall and weighed 20 tons 

• The oldest intact wedding cake is from 1898 and was baked during Queen Victoria reign

• The most expensive cake was $20 million and was bedazzled with diamonds 

• Here’s a look at cakes throughout US history.

As for our favorite cakes, take a cue from our recipe box: 

Tiramisu Cake

Classic Icebox Cake

Carrot Cake

Sweet and Salty Cake

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