Café's 1-Way Mirror Gives Men a Peek Into Ladies' Room

It's supposed to be non-creepy voyeuristic art, or something like that

Well hey, if any ladies want the chance to be gawked at while they're in a public bathroom (in addition to, you know, the streets and all), there's an "experimental sushi" restaurant for you. Vienna café Dots has installed what they're calling an "art installation" involving a one-way mirror from the men's into the women's bathroom.

The artist, Alexander Riegler, told Radio Wien that his piece explores modern voyeurism, and the mirror only shows women at the sink and not within the closed-off stalls.

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Eater reports that a spokesperson claims 95 percent of customers find the installation funny, while the other 5 percent must have complained enough to get a sign notifying women that they're part of an "art project." And in January? The mirror will reportedly be reversed so women can look at men's faces as they stand in the urinal. That is, unless they get shut down. Eater reports that certain public figures have noted the mirror to be a form of harrassment, and continuing the art project could shut the restaurant down.