This Cabbage Salsa Recipe Will Rock Any Fish Taco

Make a quick and easy cabbage salsa next time you’re serving fish tacos
This Cabbage Salsa Recipe Will Rock Any Fish Taco

This cabbage salsa recipe is as easy as chop, mix, and eat!

If you’re making authentic Mexican tacos, you’ll need a good cabbage salsa recipe. Cabbage salsa, also called cabbage slaw, is a mixture of thinly shredded cabbage, vegetables, and seasonings that’s perfect for topping tacos. It adds a crunch factor that is often missing in soft-shelled tacos, along with a subtle natural sweetness.

There are many variations of cabbage salsa. Though some cabbage salsa is quickly pickled in vinegar or citrus juice, this quick and easy version uses salt to draw out the natural juices of the vegetables and soften them slightly. 

This cabbage salsa recipe has tons of flavor because it calls for minced garlic, jalapeño, and bright, herbaceous cilantro. If you want a less spicy salsa, omit the jalapeño juice, chopped jalapeño, or both; the fresh, raw garlic will still give your cabbage salsa a bit of heat.

Ready to try making your own cabbage salsa? Click here for our recipe.


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