Buy This Chocolate Printer Worth $4,600

Choc Edge is releasing its 3-D chocolate printer today on eBay

Chocolate Printer

Scientists are still developing a 3-D food printer, hoping to sell a commercial model for $1,000, but now you can get your hands on a chocolate 3-D printer — something to create artistic renderings of everyone's favorite sweet.

U.K. company Choc Edge, founded by scientist Dr. Liang Hao for the Unviersity of Exeter, has commerciazlied 3-D printers for the sweet lover. Users melt chocolate, fill a syringe, install it in the printer, and hook it up to their computer.

The type of chocolate used is irrelevant. "Choc Edge will supply small quanity of the recommended chocolate material. Users may use any other chocolate materials in their printer as long as the material can flow out of the printing nozzle," the company writes on its eBay auction page. Just don't let the chocolate solidify.

Watch the 3-D printer in action below. Choc Edge is selling 10 printers total, and bidding for the first one ends April 20. Chocolate die-hards can also preorder printers for a discounted price of £2,488, or a little more than $3,900.