Busy Philipps: Actress, Mom, and Professional Baker

The 'Cougar Town' actress and mother of one entertains with her crazy cakes

Busy Philipps entertaining with Bacardi Classic Light Cocktails.

To celebrate summer and the launch of Bacardi’s Classic Cocktail Light collection, a new line of low-calorie, ready-to-serve beverages, actress Busy Phillips is taking center stage.

The new face of the products, which are 95 calories and come in mojito and piña colada flavors, Philipps lives a healthy lifestyle and finds the light rum to be a perfect fit for entertaining. 

Though she has a hectic schedule, between shooting her television show and making appearances, the mother of one finds the time to enjoy her hobbies, which include spinning and baking. 

When asked about entertaining and if she is a cook in her own home, Philipps responded, "I can’t cook at all, that’s what my husband is for. I am the baker in the family. Baking is my Zen activity." 

After digging a bit deeper, The Daily Meal learned that Philipps doesn’t only like to bake, but she’s pretty damn good at it. "You have to see my Twitter. I make crazy, tiered cakes in my house," she told us. She has also made birthday cakes for her daughter Birdie — including a James and the Giant Peach cake which she tweeted a photo of a few weeks ago. 

Philipps has been spinning for about 12 years now, and is a bona fide gym rat — she currently belongs to about three different gyms in Los Angeles. But even with her hectic lifestyle, she emphasized that making time for her family is her favorite hobby.