Bus Drivers Accidentally Ate 'Special' Brownies

MTS employees say they had no idea there was marijuana in those treats

A trio of San Diego bus drivers who may have eaten some marijuana-laced brownies before their shift say that the whole thing was an accident, and they didn’t know the brownies were the "special" kind.

According to Gawker, the drivers stopped their routes and pulled over after getting "dizzy." The brownies were allegedly given to them by a fourth MTS employee, who also denies all knowledge of the brownies’ special mind-altering properties.

That brownie-pusher’s story is that his roommate baked the brownies, and he thought they were the totally normal, pot-free kind. If that story is true, we imagine the alleged roommate is pretty ticked. It’s annoying enough when roomies steal normal food.

According to NBC, replacement drivers were called in, and the three brownie eaters were given drug tests. The MTS says the drivers all responded correctly and followed procedure by pulling over and letting their bosses know that they had to stop driving because they ate a bunch of pot.

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