Burrito Bashing: How to Build the Perfect Burrito

Perfect the burrito bar, perfect your casual party

Concoct the perfect burrito for your party.

Have you ever come across someone who didn’t enjoy a huge, stuffed burrito? Yeah, we haven’t either. Packed with protein, beans, rice, and countless variations of Mexican flavor, the burrito is customizable and crowd pleasing- and therefore the perfect party food. Yet, before you start taking orders and comprising your ultimate burrito bar at your next Mexican-themed soiree, consider and follow these essential tips, courtesy of The Guy Gourmet cookbook by Men’s Health magazine:
• Go big: a 12 inch tortilla allows you to stuff your burrito with plenty of ingredients, yet provides enough wrapping room.
• Heat your tortilla first: before assembly, heat tortillas in a dry skill or nonstick pan (the microwave will make them soggy) until puffed and pliable, about 10 seconds on each side.
• Create a foundation: place rice on the burrito first to soak up the other ingredients’ juices. Also, leave a 3 inch border and later your beans and meat in a vertical line.
• The finishing touches: place the sour cream, guacamole, etc., alongside the “prime” ingredients, and then add the loose ingredients such as lettuce, cilantro, and jalapeños last to adhere to the creamier ones.
• Let it roll: Okay, first fold the tortilla’s left side just over the ingredients. Then fold just about 1 inch of the bottom. Finally, finish rolling the burrito tightly from the left to the right, with one end remaining open, where the chomping begins.