Man on Fire Visits Taco Bell for Water

A man who was literally on fire was very calm at Taco Bell

A man who was literally on fire walked into Taco Bell for a glass of water. 

This is going to sound like the start of a joke, but a man who was actually on fire stepped up to the counter at a Taco Bell this week and asked the cashier for a glass of water.

There are very few ways to make this story make sense, but according to Jezebel an unidentified man in Phoenix, Ariz., was spotted covered in actual flames in the parking lot of a Taco Bell late Thursday night. A manager from an Arby’s restaurant next door ran out and sprayed the man with a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Despite being saved by an Arby’s employee, the man then opted to take his business to Taco Bell.

According to the New York Daily News, the man very calmly walked up to the register at the Taco Bell and ordered a glass of water. The man was still smoldering and put off so much smoke that everyone had to clear out of the building.


It is unclear how the man came to be engulfed in flames, but the Arby’s manager who extinguished him said she found his clothes smoldering in a pile next to him. The man was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors say he is in critical condition, with second- and third-degree burns covering 90 percent of his body.