Burlesque Is the Word at Atlantic City’s Revel

Revel features high-end entertainment

Head to Revel for a one of a kind experience.

For those who frequent clubs and entertainment venues and think they have their finger on the pulse of all that's new and edgy, think again. 

Enter Ivan Kane's Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub. Entertainment producer Ivan Kane has taken up residence in the Revel hotel and casino with his modern-classic burlesque club that features highly choreographed performances with a live, three- piece jazz band. It's a warming and inviting space for both men and women, where there is the option of snagging a private table with bottle service or hanging out at the upstairs bar with a group of friends waiting to catch the next live performance.

The club features two live shows a night where dancers perform provocative and tantalizing dance numbers. The three-piece jazz band that plays behind the entertainers is a true highlight of the club.
If burlesque isn't your thing, try catching a live show at Ovation Hall — a 5,500-seat event center. Maroon 5 graced the stage during the week of previews for the hotel and christened the space by performing a full repertoire of their hits. Front man Adam Levine put on quite the show, singing new releases like "Payphone" and performing a duet to "Man in the Mirror" with The Voice winner Javier Colon. Ovation Hall has the best of both worlds in terms of seating arrangements. If standing and jumping up and down with every move of Mr. Levine's hips is your thing, there is standing room at the stage. But for those who want more of a theater-like atmosphere, complete with a full view of the stage, there are plush seats with stadium seating.

Entertainment can come in many forms and perhaps after a long weekend of clubbing and drinking, a trip to the Bask Spa may be just what the doctor ordered. With 32 therapy rooms, a fitness studio, a coed bathhouse complete with multiple hot tubs, pools, saunas and the like, as well as customized fitness classes and programming by SurfSet, the Bask Spa may be a destination unto itself. 

The warm and relaxed atmosphere makes it a perfect getaway from the noise and commotion found on the casino floor. Here, the aromatherapy scents and friendly staff allow you to be immersed in a Zen-like world. For the fitness guru, the classes by SurfSet may offer a new and interesting physical challenge, while the core fusion yoga may be another person's cup of tea. And don't forget the custom tea blends crafted by Exhale Spa that can help promote healthy digestion and an overall sense of well-being. 

And Revel isn't finished just yet. Coming soon is the grand opening of HQ Nightclub and HQ Beach Club from Angel Management Group. The 40,000-square-foot nightclub will boast four levels, while its daytime counterpart, HQ Beach Club, will feature a signature pool party. Break out the bikini and pop open the Cristal — we'll be waiting for the unveiling.